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Hammett’s Macina a must-try according to GuideMeMalta

So many fabulous new restaurants opened their doors in Malta in 2018… and Hammett’s Macina is one of GuideMeMalta’s favourite.

GuideMeMalta listed Hammett’s Macina as the perfect place for a Christmas Gathering!

Gatherings come hand-in-hand with the Christmas season. We have work dos, family outings and meetings with friends, and when we're organising them, the first question that comes to mind is usually: 'where to go?'

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WhatsCookingMalta is very excited about our Afternoon Tea Launch!

Afternoon tea. The epitome of quintessential Britishness!

Hammett’s Maċina have just introduced afternoon tea to their menu which is now available everyday from 3pm-6pm.

How fabulous, darling!